How to array of vx_image?

I want to create a array of vx_image to save VX_DF_IMAGE_RGB images , it will be a input of a graph.
I don’t know use whether vxCreateObjectArray or vxCreateArray.
Could you show me an example? Thanks.

VX_DF_IMAGE_RGB( or NVXCU_DF_IMAGE_RGB) is the format of frame source. Youare not be able to create it through vxCreateObjectArray() or vxCreateArray(). Suggest use GStreamerImagesRender to save to image files.

Hi DaneLLL,
Thank you. I know I am not able to create VX_DF_IMAGE through vxCreateObjectArray() or vxCreateArray(). I want to use vxCreateObjectArray() to create an ObjectArray of count VX_IMAGE.
I tried with vxCreateArray() :
it returns error : invalid item_type parameter(IMAGE).
Could vxCreateObjectArray() be useful? I do not know how to use it. Could you please give me an example?


Please check this comment for the example of vxCreateArray.