[How to] assembly meshes

How to assembly (put togetether) shapes or meshes, so they fit in a specific way:

  • along axis
  • paralel or adjacent to a specific surface

…or I need to have my meshes already assmebled in some 3rd-party CAD software ?
…is so, what software and/or format I can use to import my meshes assembled into parts of a robot ?

Hi @b.zarzycki1 - Can you provide some more information about where you need to assemble a mesh?


I could be challenging to fit by hand parts (meshes) into their relative to each other positions, so in FreeCAD I used to use a plug-in known as Assembly. It allowed me to put meshes (arbitrary shaped 3D objects) together precisely using surfaces, vertices and axies to allign them, after roughly fiting them by hand. Using this plug-in I was able to assemble a simple robot using pre-made 3D meshes off the internet.

and the 3D model of the entire thing
Rover.zip (16.0 MB)

Would my guess be correct that I need to use my STL model(s) to create an URDF robot description?
If so, how to?

I can answer my own questions (for the benefit of others, I hope)

I can assembly the meshes, as shown on the picture or in the 3d-model, and then export them into the STEP format. This way I can import all meshes already assembled and all I have to do to make it become a robot is to add joints and other physical constraints.

Hopefully, this should be easy enough.