How to attach a UPS to the jetson TX2?


Does anyone know which UPS/which specifications of a UPS are needed to work with the Jetson TX2?
The goal is to have enough time in case of power loss to shut down the device.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hope someone has successful experience can be shared. Generally you only need to choose the UPS that fit the power requests listed in TX2 data sheet.

You might want to post specs to some of the different UPS which you are interested in, e.g., if it uses a serial port versus USB, so that people can read about the requirements of that UPS (some will require proprietary software not available on arm64, others might be able to use generic software).

I was looking at either using a 230V AC UPS and using the power adapter that comes with the jetson: In this case I would use usb to connect.

Or a 24 V DC UPS:

I also wonder if it is possible to use a supercapacitor instead, because the Jetson only needs to shutdown when the power is cut. And this is a matter of seconds.

For the first model, the BX500CI, I did not find any information on software. Furthermore, I could not tell if there were USB or serial port interfaces. I had trouble finding any detailed documents in English, but so far as I can see there is no way for this UPS to report that it is now on battery backup. If this is correct (and it might not be correct due to language barriers), then you would have no ability to tell the Jetson to shut down before battery discharge. I would not recommend this model.

For the second model (DIN-rail UPS Phoenix Contact QUINT-UPS) there were variations available, and I couldn’t be certain the model I saw in your URL was the same one I looked at, but at least document leads me to believe this supports either USB serial or 9-pin D-Sub serial communications. In theory this could be used with any computer to relay information about being on battery backup. I could not confirm this though. This unit might work, but I think you’d have to contact the supplier and see what software requirements there are for telling the host PC (in this case the Jetson is the host PC) about battery status. I would specifically ask what software is required for Linux, and find out if any downloads are required. If there are downloads, and if the download is scripted, then it would work equally well on most any system (still not a guarantee since it might use BIOS functions and embedded systems don’t have a BIOS). If you are able to download the software, then I’d think you could actually test it prior to purchasing the unit (assumes it is a script and not a binary executable).

Recommending the latter model is dependent upon further research of the software and serial port/USB serial communications.

A supercapacitor could in theory work, but it would be difficult to know that you have enough capacity since loads can drastically change run time. If you have your own power detection software to shut down, then even the first UPS (which didn’t have any kind of serial port) might do the job.

Thanks linuxdev! This is very helpfull.

I will contact the supplier of the second model and see if I can download the software.