How to auto-boot Jetson Xavier AGX

How to auto-boot Jetson Xavier AGX?

I want jetson agx to boot automatically once it receive power supply on its J2 barrel connector.
Any suggestion how can I achieve it?

please access Jetson AGX Xavier Series Product Marking Specification,
you may check chapter-5 for the details for power supply and sequencing. there’s sequence for auto power-on for your reference.


Hi @kayccc ,

Thanks for your response.
However, I did not find any information about power supply and its sequencing in the document link you shared ( Jetson AGX Xavier Series Product Marking Specification,).

Can you kindly confirm that this is the right document to refer for power supply sequencing information?

Somehow, I did not see any info about power supply.

Sorry, I pasted the wrong link, here is the right one: Jetson AGX Xavier Series OEM Product Design Guide

Hi @kayccc ,

Point 1:

So, in order to activate auto-power ON, I have to connect a jumper on pin 5&6 (J508- Automation Header) and connect power adapter to barrel connector.
Is my understanding right?


So, by doing that, if I switch -ON adapter power supply, the agx will start boot-up without pressing power-ON button (S501). Is that correct?

Point 2:
One more question, As I am operating the jetson board via DC adapter and it 's feeding 19v dc to it. Can AGX work on 24v as well? AS you know vehicles have either 12v or 24v power supply, how can I feed standard power supply (12v or 24v) without introducing a 19v dc adapter. Can you help me with some inputs?

Point 3: How to boot and shutdown agx via software?

  1. Yes.
  2. The supply range is 9~ 20V.

There is no software command to boot AGX. And the method to shutdown AGX is same as how you run shutdown command on ubuntu.

@Trumany @WayneWWW @kayccc Thanks for the responses…

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