How to avoid redirecting to and show only one language once logined in?

I’m living in China, but I don’t want to be redirected to forcefully. This site seems chaos with mixed Chinese and English. So I want to stay in and set English as my perferred language while accessing

But I can not find any setting to do it. I also tried to set my location to US in profile settings, but this is not helpful.

In general, redirecting sites by user’s IP address automatically is a good option for most of users. But it is not a good option for everyone, such as somebodies who use English as their working language or foreigners who living in China and so on.

So if i missed some setting to do it, please help me to figure it out.
If there is no such setting, please conside adding it.


Hi @Keelung,

There is no setting that I am aware of. I have forwarded this to the systems engineers for future consideration.

Hi @Keelung,

There was a fix pushed out for this issue earlier today. Let us know if you still experience this issue.

Tom K

Hi TomK,
Redirecting was fixed partly.
The download center is no redirecting now.
But still be redirected to, even if I’ve logged in.
Since my location was reset to China, so I want to check it in, but after click Edit Profile, I got an error in joson:
P.S. I’ve reset my location back to US after following login requirement in download center.


Hi Keelung,
we appreciate the feedback and apologize for any frustration, the .cn domains will continue to improve and it is our goal to provide the best possible experience for our bi-lingual audience.
We have placed the redirects in place to allow us to meet the privacy obligations we have due to the new national level regulations in your country of residence which is determined by your IP address not your language setting. Unfortunately these redirects are to be permanent and no plans to change them.
Please do continue to give us feedback on how to improve the experience we are delivering.
Best regards,

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