How to backup TX1's file system?

I want a file system that has been installed all environment,so I had flashed the TX1 with the official NVIDIA image and install the environment on it.Now I want to backup this file system.What should I do?
Can I do that?When I flash TX1 with,it will mount mmcblk0p1 on my host PC and write file system to it.If I can mount mmcblk0p1 manually,I can backup my file system.But how can I mount the mmcblk0p1 manually?

Commands for cloning are slightly different on a TK1 versus TX1, but most of this information at this URL is valid for a TX1:

Commands specific to the TX1 are here:

You can indeed restore from a clone of the rootfs. Sometimes this won’t work if the base system was of a different version than that from which the clone was made, e.g., if a clone is made on L4T R23.1, then it may not work restoring to a system which had R24.2.1 (it just depends on the hidden partitions).