How to balance VR clients - CloudXr on Premise

Hi all
anyone had try to balance multiple VR headmount, on multiple cloudXR instance?
in short find the free host and connect to it?

We have gathered a lot of experience with this and have created an orchestration layer which maintains a “pool” of cloudXR instances / servers and assigns them to users on demand. We mainly do this with Cloud Providers like AWS or Azure, though it should also work with existing hosts on a private network.

What does your use-case look like? How do you manage the machines right now (setup and provisioning with cloudXR) - are they manually setup on bare-metal machines or do you have some kind of hypervisor or orchestrator in between? Are you running multiple different apps or just one?

multiple VM on Vmware vSphere with T4 shared GPU with grid and the same open project onboard.
And what i can have to understandt if it’s possible to use a single public ip with port forwarding balance, or not.

To the best of my knowledge, this is not possible right now as the ports are fixed both on the client- and server-side. I’ve asked the same question here: Configurable Ports for CloudXR - XR – VR/AR/MR / CloudXR (VR and AR Streaming) - NVIDIA Developer Forums. If at least the client-side ports would be configurable, I think this should be possible with a suitable network loadbalancer.

So you could probably build a service that wraps the vSphere APIs to orchestrate the VMs, right? Basically, your client application would talk to this service, asking for a VM and the service knows if there’s still availability by talking to vSphere and can directly return the ip address of the VM to be used so that your client application can directly connect.

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I’had done something similar, beacause the Vsphere it’s not completely in my hand, but in a customer Datacenter with a Gazzilion of Security “you can’t do that” “we do not open this”, “You can’t access this”…
Then with a nodejs web dispatcher, the cloudxr servers call the dispatcher for to say if they are free or not
and the device call the dispatcher for a free ip.
The problem actually is the SteamVR-Quest safe Room limits.
When we exit for a second from the room safe limits, the Quest try to search again a server and the
first seems unavailable.