How to boost/extend vocabulary using the sample app

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Hi everyone, i have successfully use the asr tutorial to boost/ extend certain vocabulary using the asr tutorial. How can i use the sample app and boost certain word as well?

thank you!

Hi @emailmeemilyong

Thanks for your interest in Riva

I will check with the Riva Team regarding this request and get back


Hi @emailmeemilyong

I have updates from the team

Word boosting can be done with the ASR sample app using --boosted_words_file and --boosted_words_score arguments. For example,

riva_streaming_asr_client --audio_file=output.wav --boosted_words_file=boosted_words_file.txt --boosted_words_score=100. --interim_results=false

boosted_words_file.txt should contain the list of words that need to be boosted (one word on each line)


May i check which javascript in the sample app repo i can add this boosted word text file?
i believe riva_streaming_asr_client is a python file