How to Boot from NVMe SSD?

This worked for me.
Root On NVME
I can also add that it is a nice way of cloning one machine onto another.
Just do

  • Clone from NVME back onto root SD card (you need to alter the
  • Swap with a clean SSD and apply procedure as described.
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Thanks Jetson hacks, your Github repo (rootOnNVME) works totally fine on Jetson AGX Xavier with WD blue SN550 500GB ssd.

Thank you so much. It wonder work for me.

it might not work for upgrading the tegra release - it might get broken if the upgrade is executed from ssd nvme

I successfully had my AGX running from an m.2 SSD. I then updated to the latest jetpack and have run into the following issue:

If the m.2 ssd is inserted, the AGX does not start up. If i remove the SSD then it works. I take it that its trying to load up this, now incompatible SSD? How can i stop it from trying to load from there so that I can format it?

Probably due to jetpack4.6, which starts to support boot from NVMe ssd in cboot. And its priority is higher than the emmc. You can try to change the boot order.

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@WayneWWW yes changing the boot order worked thank you.

Great, so with Jetpack4.6, would I conduct the JetsonHacks ./ script to copy the emmc to the SSD, and then change the boot order so that the SSD is the priority? Basically there is no longer a need for the ./ script work around described here anymore?

Actually, jetsonhacks is not official website maintained by us. I am not sure if their tool is able to work in each release.

Our official method is on this document.

@crazy_yorick @_av what are your thoughts on this?

Hi everyone,
I followed the steps and ran the scripts from “ ” to switch the rootfs to SSD successfully.
But after few days, the rootfs is loading from SSD, but stuck at nvidia logo, able to access only through terminal mode using clt+alt+f4. GUI is not responding. Disabling the service and removing the file setssdroot.conf from /etc and rebooting boots up from sd card and shows ssd unmounted. When I try to enable the service back again it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me resolve this issue. I faced this couple of days back, i had to format the SSD and again copy back the rootfs and scripts to run properly which is time consuming to install stuff in SSD again. This happened again now and I m just wondering if there is any other way to get back to SSD without formatting.

hello, does anyone know the limit of the supported ssd capacity? forexample. has anyone tried this process with a 1TB ssd? is it supported? thanks


I’ve used a Samsung 870 Evo 1TB SATA 2.5 SSD and the systemd method, so basically using the steps and scripts from to switch the rootfs to the SSD.

I’ve tested this on a Jetson Xavier NX running Jetpack 4.5 (L4T 32.5.0).

Maybe there’s some disk corruption going on somewhere.

Maybe you want to try my project out that installs a boot from SSD in one command?

If you find that you had disk corruption and you application doesn’t need to write to disk, then you can run it in a read-only mode by running sudo ./sbts-bin/ and rebooting. Then it runs with a memory overlay over the rootfs and so the disks are not mounted read-write and thus don’t get corrupted.

Kim Hendrikse

The order is changed permanently? Or only this boot?

Not quite sure about your “only this boot” means… I mean jetpack release default puts NVMe prior to emmc.

I mean if this change is volatile or not, If I change the cboot oder.

You can make the change permanently by modifying it inside cbo.dts.

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As mentioned in a separate thread, I tried modifying cbo.dts but that caused the board no longer booting (using JP 4.6.1). Has anybody else tried modifying this file?

You can try to dump the uart log so that we can know what is going on.

Kindly help any one in my Carrier board i am using jetson agx xavier 8Gb module. In this case i am using m. 2 nvme ssd its not detecting and also i used c5 pcie controller for m. 2 interface