How to Boot from NVMe SSD?

@WayneWWW yes changing the boot order worked thank you.

Great, so with Jetpack4.6, would I conduct the JetsonHacks ./ script to copy the emmc to the SSD, and then change the boot order so that the SSD is the priority? Basically there is no longer a need for the ./ script work around described here anymore?

Actually, jetsonhacks is not official website maintained by us. I am not sure if their tool is able to work in each release.

Our official method is on this document.

@crazy_yorick @Andrey1984 what are your thoughts on this?

Hi everyone,
I followed the steps and ran the scripts from “ ” to switch the rootfs to SSD successfully.
But after few days, the rootfs is loading from SSD, but stuck at nvidia logo, able to access only through terminal mode using clt+alt+f4. GUI is not responding. Disabling the service and removing the file setssdroot.conf from /etc and rebooting boots up from sd card and shows ssd unmounted. When I try to enable the service back again it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me resolve this issue. I faced this couple of days back, i had to format the SSD and again copy back the rootfs and scripts to run properly which is time consuming to install stuff in SSD again. This happened again now and I m just wondering if there is any other way to get back to SSD without formatting.

hello, does anyone know the limit of the supported ssd capacity? forexample. has anyone tried this process with a 1TB ssd? is it supported? thanks