How to boot from ram using initramfs

I am using Jetson nano.

Micro sd card is very weak so, I gonna booting and starting program from ram(ramdisk).

initramfs or other way it’s okay.

Is it possible boot from ram on jetson nano?

if it’s possible, please give me information.



Maybe you could buy the emmc jetson nano.

Hi, WayneWWW

Thanks your comment.

Yes, I really want Jetson Nano emmc model.

Now, I use Jetson nano which P3450, Development Kit.

Can I use emmc module on my jetson nano?


I live in South korea, so Is there company that purchasing by proxy in South korea?


Hi cansee5744,

To get the eMMC production module work, please be sure you have newer-revision devkit carrier (945-13450-0000-100).

It would be really great, if somebody could try to answer the initial question.