How to boot from SDMMC3

We have a custom carrier that I’m attempting to boot a 2gb nano module from SDMMC3. I have compiled and applied a custom u-boot attempting to get sdmmc3 working and came to the same solution as this post independently. However its not working for me as described in this post, so I’m probably missing something.

As I’ve dug into this more I’m a bit confused with which DTB gets used by u-boot? The one in u-boot.bin or the one in the RPI partition as defined in flash_l4t_t210_max-spi_sd_p3448.xml. I also could use guidance on when modification is required to the u-boot source files vs the dts files.

We don’t support nano 2gb to custom board.

Also, uboot does not support extra sdcard slot either.

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