How to Boot from the USB drive contening SD-Card with jetpack and not the sd-card drive to prevent connector failure because of multiple use?


I am a teacher and a student destroy the SD-CARD connector by multiple manipulation… so I would like to boot on USB for now and do not use the SD-card connector to prevent future destroy of the connector !

Is it possible to make a sd-card that would be alway on jetson nano and could load the jetpack from the usb drive ? or even a total usb boot ?

Thanks a lot !

Yes, it is possible. But you need to prepare a x86 host ubuntu.

Hello, thanks you but it is really complicated in practice for me to do this… Because if I understand correctly, all the burned sd-card from my student need to be prepared to be bootable from USB so if I got 70 student I need to make 70x modifcations on the burned sd-card they do, before they can boot into usb … it is impossible for me…

I would like my student use etcher to burn jetpack on SD-CARD and can boot directly from usb adaptator with sd-card on it, plugged in jetson nano USB port, instead on plugging the sd-card that may destroy the sd-card connector…

Is there a way (for example by flashing booting routine on emmc for all my jetson nano) to boot on it from a usb adaptator ?? Without the need to make all stuff like partition etc… This way, I need only to prepare all my jetson nano and no need to prepare also all x70 burned sd-card …

Thanks !

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