How to build a DeepStream pipeline and then run it manually?

Hi, I know that if we run the command

deepstresm-app -c <path_to_conf_file

and this command first compiles and build then it starts running, is there any way that we can separate build and running to have more control over the pipeline? my intention is to build the pipeline then start another program, and after that run the pipeline.

One way you may consider,
build pipeline;
one thread to check from keyboard input if can set the pipeline to state PLAYING and start running pipeline.

Thank you @Amycao for your response, so what is the command to build the pipeline? and what is the command to run it? I didn’t find it in the documentation.

There is no command, samples within Deepstream do not support the requirement you said, you need to do some customizaion.
but you can refer to deepstream-app sapmle