How to build AGI

Hi, everyone!

I am Ali Bradford, Cheif Cybernetician at B-Borg where we are presently providing free prostheses and making research and development in the cybernetics field.

I am now looking to develop an AGI to assist the recipient and autonomously operating devices including full-body prostheses (android robots).

This AI will share information with personal AI assistants and other drones and devices from an infinite variety including those who we even not suspect their future venue. so deep and fast learning is mandatory.

To do so I need to know all the hardware and software requirements and their prices before hiring the personals for this project. That’s why I come to this awesome community where I could find information and suggestion vitals to this project. So please participate actively in this post.

with regards, Ali Bradford

For TX2, please take a look at documents in download center:
Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

And we suggest use DeepStream SDK for running deep learning inference. Please take a look at
Announcing DeepStream 5.0.1
Announcing new software update for DeepStream 5.1
NVIDIA Metropolis Documentation
If you have a TX2 developer kit, please try deepstream-app.

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Above is about existing implementation on TX2. For AGI, we don’t see much information from community. From, most steps are not tried on Jetson platforms. Seems challenging to have it work.

We would suggest check DeepStream SDK. And see if you can base on it for developing your use-case.