How to build gstomx1_src( for gstreamer 1.0 sources) ?

Hi all,

I tried to build gstomx1_src.tbz2
But I can not build the gstomx1_src. in the gstomx1 is not worked.

I guess something wrong the
So I removed part of related git in

I had commented 8~30 lines.

But also not worked.

There is in gstomx1_src.tbz2.
What is this?
The gstomx1_src.tbz2 is for Android??

I think gstomx1_src.tbz2 is for of gstreamer 1.0.


To build gstomx is very difficult to me.

How to build for gstreamer sources 0.1 and 1.0 ??? :-<