How to build MLNX_OFED on Ubuntu 16.04

Hi there,

I have a ConnectX3 Pro (MCX313A-BCCT) and I try to build the current release of MLNX_OFED (3.2- on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 installation.

Unfortunately (or “as expected”?) build fails,

I added an entry in “” for ubuntu16, but it did not do the trick.

Errors in /tmp/…/mlnx-ofed-kernel-dkms.debinstall.log:

ERROR (dkms apport): unable to determine source package for mlnx-ofed-kernel-dkms

Error! Build of mlx_compat.ko failed for: 4.4.0-18-generic (x86_64)

Both error logs mlnx-ofed-kernel-dkms.debinstall.log + mlnx-ofed-kernel-dkms.make.log are attached.

Anybody any idea?

Thank you for your help


Martin (11.9 KB) (19.9 KB)


As Ubuntu 16.04 is not officially GA yet we do not yet an official driver for this release. However, you may contact Mellanox support in order to get a working drop for testing purposes.