How to build netcdf with hpc sdk?

Dear NVIDIA developers:

Now I have a CUDA Fortran program with parallel I/O using netcdf.
So is there an instruction showing how to build the netcdf with HPC SDK compiler?

Thanks much!


Hi Chen,

We do ship prebuilt versions of pnetcdf/netcdf with the HPC SDK (found under $INSTALL_DIR/ Linux_x86_64/2020/netcdf/)) that you can use.

Otherwise, you should be able to follow the instructions at:

Just ensure that the MPI implementation that you’re using is configured for use with the NV HPC Compilers.


This is great!

Thanks so much, Mat!


Hi Mat,

Why there is no netcdf under the path of hps sdk as you said on my computer?

Did I miss anything when I install the hpc sdk?

Thanks much!


My apologies Chen. I thought we shipped those with the release, but I was incorrect.

Hopefully building the pNetCDF library from source wont be too much trouble.

Thank you, Mat!


Chen Yang


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