How to build SDcard IMAGE

Hello,I have built the kernel and install the kernel moduls;
but I do not have a linux host ,then I can not connect the nano to linux host,and use the “” to flash the rootfs;
How to built the SDcard image file just like the official provision? I need your help.please!

You need to have a host PC with Ubuntu 18.04 OS!

HI ,kayccc ,
I have a remote linux server ,I want to know how built the image file like “” that I download from official website.

Check L4T BSP. There is a script to create sdcard image.

If you don’t know what is L4T BSP, then you can try to flash your board with sdkmanager first.

I downlod L4T BSP,But I’m not familiar with it, could you tell me which script ,and how to use it

please check tools/

I found it!
the command ““ -o <sd_blob_name> -b -r "
my jetson nano is 4gb version, but it surpport is
" jetson-nano: 100/200/300 for A01/A02/B00”
" jetson-nano-2gb-devkit: default”
" jetson-xavier-nx-devkit: default"
which one I should choose to?

300 for b00.

thanks a lot

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