How to burn jetson-linux image

Hi Nvidia ,
i have a new hardware pcb board , i want to know how to burn jetson-linux image into it .
acturely ,i know use to burn the developor kit, but there are no user guide to introduce how to burn a new hardware board.

What is your hardware board here?

Hello, sir .
We have designed a hardware circuit motherboard that can be used to support the Orin module using the Orin reference design circuit from NVIDIA. The current situation is that we have mastered how to burn into the official Orin development kit by means of, however, we don’t know how to burn the jetson-linux image file into the Orin module supported by our newly designed hardware circuit board by means of image burning. We are looking forward to your reply, our team will be extremely grateful for your support and help, thank you.

carrier board是你自己做的的話你應該要知道怎麼改device tree還有config file才對


進recovery mode是你的板子自己要設計好 就是開機的時候把一根pin腳拉低而已



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