How to capture MIPI CSI User Defined Byte-based image via TX2 and Orin

Hi everyone,

We use TX2, the bsp is R32.3.1, our customer’s camera sensor output image data use “User Defined Byte-based Data” (the data type is 0x30~0x37) via MIPI CSI, we can’t capture the sensor output image. And also the Orin module does not support this feature as well, Orin bsp is R34.1. How to support this feature ? Thanks.

Sorry to tell current don’t support User Defined data type on r32.x/r34.x
Could you have a try on r35.1


Hi ShaneCCC,
The R35.1 only support Orin, and the "Release Note " do not describe support for “Usr Defined Byte-based Data” format. Could you help me to confirm if “Usr Defined Byte-based Data” format is supported in R35.1. Thanks.

Right r35.1 don’t support TX2. For the office announce that don’t support it. But we don’t have device to verify it.


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