How to change filename of Azure payload


I am unsure on how to set the filename of the json payload that is sent to Azure IOT. Check out the imgur link: Currently the file placed in the blob storage are named randomly(?).

I believe that there is no option to do so within Azure IoT itself. Only the option of changing the pathing of payload data is given.

Changing of payload filename is not given in the config files(only topic/key/value). It is handled in gst-nvmsgconv? Hoping for a hint.

relevant config files:

#Type - 1=FakeSink 2=EglSink 3=File 4=UDPSink 5=nvoverlaysink 6=MsgConvBroker
#(0): PAYLOAD_DEEPSTREAM - Deepstream schema payload
#(1): PAYLOAD_DEEPSTREAM_MINIMAL - Deepstream schema payload minimal
#(256): PAYLOAD_RESERVED - Reserved type
#(257): PAYLOAD_CUSTOM   - Custom schema payload

Note that libnvds_azure_proto is used. cfg_azure.txt contains my connection string.

Present payload route: Jetson Nano->Azure IotHub->Azure Stream Analytics->Azure blob storage

I believe that the SQL language used in Stream analytics only deals/filters the data within the json file.

Thank you

We have verified the case on DS4.0.1:

If you are on DS4.0, please upgrade to DS4.0.1 and try again.