How to change FPS settings from 30 FPS to something higher?

We have an app that easilly runs at higher framerates on the server. But with the default test client it gets locked to 30 fps.

I found only this in the docs describing a field in a struct in some C++ code:

But is this something we could set in the client or the server somehow?
Right now we are using Unity. And if we figure out the transparency problem in Unreal we will likely switch to that.

We think it would be wonderful to run our CloudXR app at 60 fps.

Hello Jan-erik,

I am assuming you are working with either the ARKit or ARcore client sample, yes?


Yes still the sample…but over the next few weeks we will likely start the client side development phase to do more interactive stuff and send more data to the CloudXR server. But FPS to 60 would be nice in the meantime. :)