How to change material type

Hi all,
I’ve watched couple of videos regarding Omniverse materials, but I cannot find how to swap one material with another.

For example I have assigned OmniPBR to the faces of a glass windows, exported it to Omniverse but now I would like to swap that OmniPBR to OmniGlass material.


Okay, I think I managed to change the type from OmniPBR to OmniGlass but I am getting an error when trying to change the glass roughness.

The glass color and ior does change without issues for example.

Hello @karol.osinski! I remember the developers saying that Glass Roughness in RTX RealTime rendering mode is a feature they were still working on. In this forum post, they mention that it should be available later this year: Roughness not working in RTX Real-time? I will reach out to the dev team to see if I can get an update on this!

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Hello @karol.osinski! I spoke with the developer and indeed, glass roughness is still in development for RTX RealTime Rendering, but they did want to note of a few ways you can swap materials.

You can select the material and then from the right click context menu, choose select bound objects. then assign to the new material. Or you can select the Shader prim under the material. And change it’s sourceAsset to a MDL file. And then choose the subIdentifier (which is the name of the material inside the MDL file)

Hi @WendyGram .
Thank you! I appreciate it ;)

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