How to change MGBE to RGMII in jetson xavier nx som (16GB emmc) production module


I am acutally working on the jetson xavier nx som module( with 16 GB emmc) with the custom carrier board. som is a production module p3668-0001 with the custom carrier board .
Our pcb board includes the above som with ethernet module “ETHERNET PHY
DP83867ISRGZT” which is also interfacing with the zynq7035 present on the pcb.

So here on the zynq side it is RGMII mode (1Gbps),but currently in the jetson case it is MGBE. So the data sent from the zynq side through eth is not rx on the jetson side or
vice versa

1.So will it be ok if one of the side is MGBE (jetson) and RGMII (zynq 7035)
2. How can i change the MGBE mode to RGMII mode for jetson xavier nx som module, may i know the steps for it ( I am using the custom carrier board .

I am totally not quite sure about what are you doing here.

There is no MGBE on Xavier.

Sorry for the confusion.

I want to confirm if the ethernet connected to jetson som module is using the MDI interface or the RGMII interface. Apart from schematic is there any way to confirm the same using the software

I don’t quite get your question here as MDI and RGMII seems not a “either-or” thing…

Also, we provided the RGMII interface so the answer here should be RGMII I guess…

Thank you for the confirmation.

I don’t really get what you want to ask here. But anyway, if this info helps.

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