How to change pin clock rate

Hello community,

I have a Jetson Nano with 16 gb emmc and a carrier board from waveshare. I want controll a ultrasonic sensor with pin 21and 22 and need a 10us trigger signal. So I need 100kHz and I get only 16kHz which I just measured with the oscilloscope. I tried also other pins with clock funktion but have the same result.

How can I change the clock rate of the pins?

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hello seinan.malgas,

are you using 40-pin expansion header on Nano carrier board?
these two pins were configured as GPIOs, i.e. GPIO3_PC.01 and GPIO3_PC.02.

so… had you update pinmux spreadsheets to change the pin configuration?

hello @JerryChang ,

yes I am using the 40 pin expansion and didn’t update the pinmux spreadsheet.
I tried the but it crashes immediately. I read that third party carrier boards doesnt support

do you have documentation about the pinmux spreadsheet?
And which pins would your prefer to controll one ultrasonic sensor, one micro servo and three tiny vibration motors. All of them are connected to an external power unit I need just the signal pins.

Thanks for reply

hello seinan.malgas,

that’s correct, Jetson-IO only support with developer kits.
please refer to developer guide. Pinmux Changes to change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.

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