How to change rootfs A/B in UEFI menu?

How to switch redundancy rootfs A/B in UEFI menu? R35.1.

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please see-also developer guide, Rootfs Selection.

Thank you for your reply.
But there are no specific steps in the documentation, and in practice, there is no option to switch rootfs AB partition under UEFI menu, can you please specify the operation?

hello 417383384,

you may interrupt by pressing ESC key-events to enter UEFI menu for selection.

hello ,JerryChan
I can enter UEFI menu,But I can’t find the corresponding option to change the boot AB partition.

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ahh… you just ring my bell. that’s not yet implemented on r35.1
we’ve plan to create separated UEFI variables for rootfs A/B status, so user may rest them in UEFI menu.

please use nvbootctrl to select RootFS.
please note that, there’s -t options to determine the targets, bootloader or rootfs , the default options is bootloader
i.e. $ sudo nvbootctrl [-t <target>] <command>

Thanks for the reply, will it be implemented in the next version?

hello 417383384,

yeah… that should be. please wait and test the same on next public release.

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