How to change the flow:steam color?

I have been following the official flow tutorials and made a steam preset, but falling downwards, like a wizards smoke from pot.

I cannot change the color / intensity of my fog in Machinima. In tutorials it´s said that “Flow->Open Colormap Editor will open the colormap editor window.”

If I do that, I get this error, even I have selected the correct “colormap” object:

What might be wrong?

I added the steam to abandoned circus:

I still cannot find a way to change the color of steam. Same error came in Create too.

Currently there’s a small issue. The first time you open the colormap editor it will not be populated if you have the color map component selected. Try clicking on something else then back on the color map. The editor should now be populated.

By the way, in the first image the color map editor slider is high, indicating that there’s something below it. You may have already clicked on something else and back on the color map. Try expanding the window to see if that’s the case.

Cool! I can edit the colors now.

Color picker and preview box would be nice… In docs there is a preview box but that screen shot must be from Create?