How to change the lighting condition of the RJ45:LINK_LED

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In the hardware interface of Jetson_TX 1, there are GBE_LINK_ 100 and GBE_LINK 1000 for the LINK_LED control of the RJ45 connector.
On the evaluation board, only GBE_LINK 100 is connected to the LED.
When looking at the LED display on the evaluation board, it is lit at any of 10/100/1000.
We want to change the lighting condition of LINK_LED.
Please tell me how to change the active condition of GBE_LINK_100, GBE_LINK 1000.

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Please contact Realtek for the datasheet of RTL8153.

Below is how to read the register that controls LED.

ocp_data = ocp_read_word(tp, MCU_TYPE_PLA, PLA_LEDSEL);

Also, the driver to add this code is: /kernel/kernel-4.4/drivers/net/usb/r8152.c


Thank you for answering.

I will read the datasheet of C source and RTL 8153.
Since we can not see the circuit inside Jetson, please let me know a bit more.
This is the connection relation between the LED 0 / LED 1 / LED 2 terminal of RTL 8153 and the GBE_LINK 100 / GBE_LINK 1000 / GBE_LINKACT terminal of Jetson_TX 1.

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GBE_LINK_100 to LED2
GBE_LINK_1000 to LED3


Thank you for answering.
I will refer to your answer.

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