How to change the model in code instead of in command line

After reading the useful Github repo( GitHub - winter2897/Real-time-Auto-License-Plate-Recognition-with-Jetson-Nano: This repository provides you with a detailed guide on how to build a real-time license plate detection and recognition system. The source code of the repository implemented on Jetson Nano reached 40 FPS. ) I can run the code according to the instructions on the repo.

But something confusing me… hope someone can give me some supports.

Based on the following code,

python3 --model=./networks/az_plate/az_plate_ssdmobilenetv1.onnx --class_labels=./networks/az_plate/labels.txt --input_blob=input_0 --output_cvg=scores --output_bbox=boxes --camera=/dev/video0 --width=640  --height=480
  1. It needs to set “–model”, but why I did not see parser.add_argument("–model") in the
  2. Since I like to set model in the code instead of setting in command line, I want to know how to set it in code.
  3. How to set the default model from ssd-mobilenet-v2 to az_plate_ssdmobilenetv1.onnx, because I only want it to do plate detection.


Since this is a third-party sample, please check this with the author.

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