How to change the output pin to swap R-color and B-color?


There is a difference for HDMI between my customized hardware and Nvidia AGX Xavier kit, and that is the swapping between DP2_TX0 and DP2_TX2.
Because of this difference, the customized hardware can not output HDMI signal to an HDMI monitor, and even a DVI output can work but the R-color is swapped with B-color and the image color is so strange.
For example, an red apple becomes a blue one…

My hardware engineer tried to rework the DP2_TX0 and DP2_TX2 pins by physical wires based on the layout of Xavier kit, and it does be able to fix this issue.
So I want to know if possible to swap these two pin define by software method?


If the hardware rework is done and cannot fix this issue, then I don’t think you need to try it from software… unless your hardware rework is wrong.

Hi @WayneWWW

The hardware rework is just an experiment to validate if the layout mistake is the root cause.

As you mentioned, for a long term solution, the hardware guys must have a fix for this layout mistake, but for the short term workaround to go-on some tests or function validations, software might be another choice if software workaround is possible.

Please help to give me some ideas if software is possible.

There is something called xbars-xxx property in the device tree. You can swap the 0 and 2 there.


I grep the hardware folder, which includes t19x and t23x, by the key ‘xbars’ but nothing found.

sorry. No s. Just xbar.

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