How to change the Password of grub on boot for the QM8700?

The boot looks like two step boot:

  1. step: grub to select to mlnx or a linux env.
  2. step if select to mlnx it will go to the mlnx image boot select in configured.

My QM8700 auto boot to linux env at the first step. and if I want to change to mlnx I needs to select through console !!
I want to change major boot selection cuz I need auto go into mlnx mode at boot.

To change the major selection in the grub page. it need password. I didn’t have a password. So I need it. If there has another way to change the major selection is prefer.

And, if I have the password. the next question is how to change it.


It is not allow to change it.
I think it’s better to open a support ticket, our engineer team will analysis the issue and give you a solution for this issue.

I just want to change major boot selection from mlnx-os instead of OPT-os

There is something issue caused you cant boot from MLNX-OS, we need more information to find what issue cause it.
So it’s better to open a support case for debug it.


it could boot to MNLX-OS, just not the first boot selection.

For this condition, you should open a ticket, and setup a remote session, we can help to fix it.

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