How to change the reflectivity of imported material

How can I change the reflectivity amount of this asphalt material?


@pekka.varis what does the material graph of the asphalt material look like in UE and in OV? i am asking because i wonder if there’s a way you can expose a param in UE to adjust after export (like the ColorX param). the last thing you could consider is adjust the texture itself in editing program like in photoshop; but that’s a pretty destructive workflow. i am hoping there’s a better solution before we get to that point though.

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or…(just brainstorming), rebuild the shader using the texture exported with OmniPBR in OV so you can have extra control over ‘map influence’ and/or ‘amount’ attribute on the roughness channel.

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@Simplychenable that would be the best option!
I just do not have skills & time for that work. I should have, it would be a good learning process.

Maybe I try just to make a quick and dirty solution by duplicating the planes, adding a new OmniPBR in OV and make a slightly dark 20% opaque material. That would bring down the brightness of the reflections…