How to change the value of objLCCumCnt in OSD

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I’m aware that the objLCCumCnt in NvDsAnalyticsFrameMeta
will increase forever after the app starts. I want to reset it at midnight every single day so I can get the daily statistics. I have a work-around to deal with this in deepstream-app but I want to sync the OSD’s. I know I need to go deep into the NvDsDisplayMeta structure but I’m kind of lost. Is the relevant analytics dada in display_user_meta_list? But there is no such element in NvDsDisplayMeta in nvdsmeta.h file. There is a gint64 misc_osd_data[MAX_USER_FIELDS] instead. Is this the place I should go further? Can you give me some reference code snippet to showcase how to get/set the values of analytics data such as objLCCumCnt(or whatever) in NvDsDisplayMeta?


You can refer deepstream-test1 to add it in NvOSD_TextParams to display it

Thank you for your reply! I’ve checked the deepstream-test1 and found it demonstrates how to add info on OSD, but I want to modify the values inserted by the Gst-nvanalytics plugin.

You just need to add the display meta inside a probe, then OSD can use that info to draw something

Thank you for your information!

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