How to check if Pstate is overclocked using NvAPI_GPU_GetPstates20?

I would like to know if device is overclocked or not (or at least values for default clocks).

Previously the information could be retrieved using NvAPI_GPU_GetPstatesInfoEx from pstates[i].flags field:
//! - pstates[i].flags containing the following info:
//! - bit 0 indicates if the PCIE limit is GEN1 or GEN2
//! - bit 1 indicates if the Pstate is overclocked or not
//! - bit 2 indicates if the Pstate is overclockable or not

How can I access the same information that was provided with the NvAPI_GPU_GetPstatesInfoEx method (now deprecated) using NvAPI_GPU_GetPstates20 method?

I don’t think this has anything to do with CUDA programming. You might want to ask your question in one of the driver forums.

Will do. Thanks for the reply.