How to check if the Jetson Nano Developer Kit is working?

I bought Jetson Nano Developer Kit 2GB Model P3541. When turned on without a Flash card, nothing is displayed on the monitor screen. I wrote the image in Win10, after recording the image in the Win10 environment, 14 unformatted partitions were displayed on the card. I insert the card into the Jetson Nano and the NVIDIA splash screen with the logo on the whole screen is displayed on the monitor screen, goes out and then lights up again approximately every 30 seconds. I attach a photo of the contents of the flashcard when viewed in the ubuntu environment. The image was recorded in Win10 according to the instructions for Windows. I need to check if the computer is working, if this is a problem in the computer, then I need to return it to the store. Can you please tell me how you can check the performance of the Jetson Nano Developer Kit?

Did you follow the instructions from here?:

I downloaded the sd-blob-b01.img image and so it was breakable. I wrote the sd-blob.img image and the computer started working. I will continue to test.

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