How to check process wide in nsys profile?

I tried to get system-wide profile, but it failed.

Is there correct way to get system-wide profile?

# nsys --version
NVIDIA Nsight Systems version 2021.4.1.73-08591f7

# nsys profile --process-scope system-wide -b fp sleep 100
unrecognised option '--process-scope'

usage: nsys profile [<args>] [application] [<application args>]
Try 'nsys profile --help' for more information.

Hi @sakaia , this argument is not supported for x86_64 targets, it is only available for embedded platforms.
On x86_64 though, by default, the trace will be system-wide. Take a look at CLI Profile Command Switch Options at the process-scope argument.

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I think it is actually process tree, but yes, you get the scope you are looking for by default.

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