how to check the installation?

Hi, Dear
I install the pgi 5.2 on Fedora 3 for your colleauge’s help.
and When I excuted the file, the results are difference before.
I think installation was not complete, but there are any error message.
How do I check the installaion?

Best regards,
Yongjoo CHOI


Assume you install on /usr/pgi/linux86/5.2

% setenv PATH /usr/pgi/linux86/5.2/bin:$PATH

Then write a simple program such as hello world or even empty program.

% cat >hello.f
print *, “Hello World\n”


%pgf90 hello.f


If it prints Hello World then you are set. If not, contact


Hi, Dear.
The pgi 7.1.6 doesn’t support to Fedora 8?

If the pgi 7.1.6 support only fedora 7, is it same method to install pgi 5.2.
I ask that there are some patch for Fedora as need to install pgi 5.2.

Thank you for reading my message.



You should be able to install 7.1-6 fedora8. If not, please contact and ask how to do it. No, the patch for 5.2 for fedora3 and 7.1-6 for fedora8 will not be the same.