How to check UART connection between Nano and Sensor

Hi I am using a ti sensor and connecting to my nano through UART. My sensor is not quite ready to start collecting data yet, but while I am waiting on that I was wondering if there are any commands or code to check if my nano successfully detects my sensor? I have already confirmed that the serial port is open. Any help would be great, thanks!

hello eee4,

had you provide power-supply to your sensor correctly, what’s the baudrate settings.
is this sensor need to register as an i2c device, or, it just sending data when power-on?

Hi JerryChang,
The baudrate is 11520. It’s just going to be sending data upon power on but that still needs work so there is no data to send yet. So I was wondering if there is a way to check to make sure it is connected and ready to go

hello eee4,

you’ll need to ensure there’s signaling, suggest you please setup an oscilloscope to probe the data while sensor power-on.

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