How to clone a NVMe Jetson NX image to another

I am trying to clone the entire NVMe ssd on one Jetson Nx to another Jetson Nx (same)

I found this and actually trying to do the same to NVMe:
[How to Clone eMMC Image of NVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier™ NX Module? |](https://how to clone emmc Jetson)

After checking the Jetson info. It seems instead of, we should use
However, there isn’t much info on how to clone a NVMe image to another with this script. Could you please share more info on this?

FYI: for some reason, I cannot remove the NVMe SSD and plug it into a host. I can only flash the board with NVMe together.


I tried to follow the instructions to flash the board with to burn a raw image, but did not succeed.

Here is my workflow:
NX Board (emmc board with NVMe ssd) set to recover mode. (it has a pre-installed Jetpack 4.6 by SDK manager)
Host (followed the secure boot installation and additional packages, udisk2 disabled)
The command I use to flash:
sudo ./tools/kernel_flash/ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc nvme0n1p1

After this, it boot up to the pre-installed system, nothing changed.


To clone out the image on the nvme drive.

img2simg /dev/nvme0n1p1 system.img.ext → this is create the backup image

And replace this image in images_to_flash that was created from initrd flash tool.

Hi, Thanks for replying, could you please be more specific on what should I do here? Should I execute this on host? on Jetson? Should I connect Jetson to recover mode? Also, what I found from doc described this part in ‘Flashing from NFS’ and it says the NFS is deprecated. Should I use initrd instead? and how?

I think you can do step by step

  1. Have you ever run initrd flash tool successfully?

  2. Above commands could be conducted over jetson.

  3. Recovery mode has nothing to do with copy the file out. Why are you asking about recovery mode?

Note that the img2simg is on the host PC.

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