How to clone and protect Jetson Nano data?

Hi, I am using Jetson Nano to develop my production. I have 2 questions:

  1. How can I clone the current stage of my JN to one or more other JN at the same time?
  2. How can I protect my data from being stolen when someone has my SD card?

SD card models do not support secure boot mode. Technically you could encrypt the rootfs partition, but there is no method available without secure boot to protect the key. eMMC models can have security fuses burned with a key which prevents reading keys, although they can be used for boot. Even so there may be problems with standard Linux tools reading or modifying the system once the encrypted partition is mounted.

Thank you for responding. But if I only encrypt the /root folder and store my source code in it, attacker still can access my metadata files and folders like etc, usr, … :( how to prevent it

I don’t think you can, especially not with an SD card model. At least in the eMMC models you can protect the chain of boot, and perhaps a key. Even in that environment, if the partition is unencrypted, then standard Linux tools could read this. You would need to come up with some specialized custom scheme, perhaps a custom carrier board with an eMMC module, and have the protected information on the carrier board instead of the module.