How to clone SSD


I have followed Jetsonhack’s introduction to install and run my Jetson Xavier NX from a SSD. Jetson Xavier NX - Run from SSD - JetsonHacks. Now have a new Xavier NX and a new SSD, how can I clone my existing SSD to the new SSD so both NX will run the same?

Thank you very much.


Actually, you can just use dd command. There is no special tool from our side to clone partition from SSD.

Would the best method to initially setup a fleet of Jetson powered bots be to clone the SD/SSD using dd? Or is there a more elegant solution (maybe a managing tool from NVIDIA?)

Are there any hardware/other restrictions that could cause problems when cloning an SSD to multiple robots?


We only provide the method to flash. You can use initrd flash and flash the same image to each board + SSD.

But there is no elegant tool for clone. Sorry.

On the jetson you want to copy the original data:
$ img2simg /dev/nvme0n1p1 system.img.ext # Assuming nvme0n1p1 have the file system you want to copy

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