How to close the boot logo to reduce booting time

I use jetson nano.but i want to close boot logo.It occupy about 5 seconds in booting time.
have some ways to close it?

If the logo displays for a time, then it isn’t the logo setting that time. The logo is (normally) just there to hide display of the boot text scrolling by. If you run this command, do you see “quiet” in it?
cat /proc/cmdline

If so, then the 5 seconds or so have nothing to do with a delay in boot. Eliminating the “quiet” eliminates the logo, but does not change boot time.

hello,thanks for you teaching.
but i run the command. “cat /proc/cmdline”
i does not see “quiet”.
It means origin have no “quiet”.I should not see the booting logo.But i can see it.
So,i have no ideal about this.

The next step would probably be to see what the full boot logs show via serial console. Errors and timeouts could be viewed. For serial console on the Nano, see this:

Right now I see some sort of audio error, and I am wondering if this was modified in any way for audio? Or if something had been set up to run audio file “123.wav” on boot? If there is some attempt to automatically run an audio file, then this would probably explain part of the delay.

haha,i am transplant sound card driver.
now it work correctly。

I often use ssh to i will try uart see more boot logs.
But i am sure sound card is not the reason for delay.

I use uart and find more information.
Booting logo actually not delay some time.
Cboot or Uboot use this time to load kernal and other actions.

So,i need to corp some drivers to reduice booting time.

Serial UART applications can log this and you could show the entire boot (much more convenient than an image, especially if searching for text).

Just some comments on what is visible, not really anything specific…

At 5.520 seconds the kernel loads from a partition. This is mandatory. Then it looks like at 8.958 seconds (about 3 seconds) the load is complete. None of this can be removed.

A full text log would be much more useful since it would show the entire boot and be searchable.

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