How to collect Device Proprietary Counters in Linux?

I am interest about Device Proprietary Counters, e.g., PCI Back-pressure/sec, SQ Miss/sec & CQ Miss/sec, which may be useful for performance tuning.

However, I cannot find available tools to collect these performance counters. I attempt to search for Mellanox Neo-hosts, but I am unable to find the available download link. I am also not sure that does it apply to Linux servers. Is there alternative ways? Thank you.

Hi alogfans,

Neo-hosts software is the correct software to use for the counters you mentioned.
Mellanox Neo-hosts software is Nvidia’s proprietary, and a support contract is needed to download it.
Alternatively, you can send an email to, create a support case according to your entitlement for receiving download instructions.

Best regards,