How to combine dynamics & constraints?

Hello gurus, this is the most complex animation I have done this far :)

I have learned with your help to make a spherical joint to simulate lantern´s swing when carried. I have used animation / transform constraints command for Lantern handle & cc4 hand bone:

But now I have to let her go. Throw it. How can I do that?
I cannot make a keyframe for transform constraints, right?

So I tried to make this as a second object / animation pass. I used linear velocity, but animating those values is tricky, only thing I managed to control was to press play and lantern fly.

But it renders no motion blur on it :/

Then I have this fire ( Everything Burns with NVIDIA Flow Point Emitter - tutorial ):

There was also on issue with merge mesh funtion, but another topic for that…

So how do I combine all these?
How can I just let her go the lantern, that would be the ideal & easy way?

Hi Pekka.

Do I understand correctly that you have a joint between the character’s hand and the lantern?

If so, you can use the curve editor to break the joint via the “Joint Enabled” parameter.

Just select the joint, right click on the “Joint Enabled” parameter, and set key. Then go to the frame at which you want it to release, uncheck the parameter, right click and set key again.

Then go to the curve editor and make both keyframes stepped.

Let us know if this works for you.

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This is a tricky one. I managed to brake the joint at set point, like you showed me thank you. But please see here:

The flight path is totally random! I cannot control it and make it to hit the bookshelf to the correct point (where fire then catch).

My only option was to make another, not constrained lantern but animating that to fly fast is also very difficult :/

The trick was to not use keyframes at velocity values. Making keys messed up all. This simple way allows me to throw the lantern at correct spot at bookshelf.

Looks like I can manage it!