How to compile batchedNMSPlugin.cpp plugin and replace the one in TensorRT 7.1.3?


I’m developing for the Jetson Nano and require BatchedNMSDynamic_TRT which is implemented in the batchedNMSPlugin.cpp plugin (and only available in >= TensorRT 7.2). But the latest JetPack 4.5 only features TensorRT 7.1.3. Is it possible to somehow compile this plugin from the source repository and replace the one in TensorRT 7.1.3? Can anyone give me detailed instructions please? Or is it only possible if you completely replace the TensorRT version?

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Suppose yes.

Please try to copy the implementation into the release/7.1 branch.
And add it into the CMakeLists.txt below:

You can find how to compile a TensorRT OSS plugin and replace it below: