How to Compile SDK 4.0 Samples

Hi all,

I am having trouble in building SDK 4.0 Samples. I tried to build oclTranspose I got an error that shrUtils64D not found. So I went to the the ‘Commom’ and tried to build oclUtils and shrUtils projects but there I got ‘src\stopwatch_win.cpp’ not found. This file does not exist.
Could someone please tell me how did they manage to compile the OpenCL samples?
I am using Visual Studio 2010 and I selected x64 as the platform as my SDK, OS, drivers all are 64 bit.

System Spec:
Windows 7 64 bit
SDK 4.0
GTX 260
Visual Studio 2010

With regards,

Get this from 3.2 SDK and see if it solves your problem… :)

I have the same problem, i tryed to build the samples in SDK 4.0 but it came: LINKER erro: oclUtils32D.lib and shrUtils32D.lib not found, then i copied the two libs from SDK 3.2 into the common and shared folders but it came another problems, is really a mess.

stopwatch_win.cpp is missing in this SDK