How to config csi with no default senor in tx2?

Hi nvidia:
I use LT9211 as csi input, it is LVDS to CSI.
So I init it in imx185, it init success.
But it don’t display /dev/video0.
I read NVIDIA_Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package.
it sugguest unregister Plugin Manager, and add new device to dtsi.
So my question is:

  1. How to unregister Plugin Manage, can you tell me the details?
  2. How to add new device in details?

hello zlx1318,

I would suggest you check the Tutorials page, you could check [V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial for NVIDIA Jetson TX2] for some sensor bring-up information.
you may also check Sensor Driver Programming Guide, for the details of the device tree properties.
in addition, you should also confirm the MIPI signaling is following the CSI-2 specification.

Hi JerryChang:
After read Sensor Driver Programming Guide and Tutorials,
I modify imx185.c and add init LT9211 in I2C, init LT9211 success.
But I can’t understand How to config DTS
Can you any sugguest?
I just need to know How to generate /dev/video0.
because I have no sensor,So I need no detect, generate /dev/video0 directly.

The file won’t generate unless the driver loads. The driver won’t load (at least not successfully) unless the hardware it drives is present. If the driver is in module format (and I don’t know if it is compatible with module format or not), then you can pass arguments to the module as it loads. I don’t know this particular driver, and I especially couldn’t tell you what arguments the driver accepts upon load, but you may be able to modify the driver to accept an argument with “dummy” hardware (a proxy to stand in for the sensor).

hello zlx1318,

if you don’t have a physical hardware sensor connected to Tegra device.
please have an alternative way to generate /dev/videoX with v4l2-loopback,
you should also refer to Topic 1043979 and Topic 1016812 for more info.