How to config interval and batch-size parameter


I want to skip frames to recognizing video,such as each five frames recognize one frame.

Bud I don’t know how to config it for yolo plugin.

My plotform is on TX2 deepstream 1.5 ,using gst-yoloplugin-tegra.

Do you have any way to relize it?

Can I using interval and batch-size mechnism in GIE Group?

interval:Specifies the number of consecutive frames to be skipped for inference. The actual frames to be skipped = batch_size * interval.

DS 1.5 is an older release and the yolo plugin does not have the “interval” property implemented. Please wait for DS4.0(to be released soon) which will support this feature.


Interval and batch-size feature could realize skipping frames function ,right? such as each five frames recognize one frame .

What about the skipped frames, will it output also?

For example, The camera is 25fps, but the recognized speed only 5fps, so I want to skip some frames to reduce delay.

Hi 15822004929,

We have released the DeepSteam SDK 4.0 last week, please try to move this new version for more features and supports, see