How to config J40 USB as "normal host USB" and "flashing USB" multiplexing

On the Orin Devkit, I connect the mouse to the J40 usb port (Type-C next to 40pin header) through the USB typeA to USB typeC adapter cable. The mouse does not light up.
On custom carrier board, we want to reuse the J40 USB port(pinmux as below). When in force recovery mode, it is used as a flashing usb; In non force recovery mode, it is used as a normal host USB to connect USB devices, such as USB cameras, mouse. How to config J40 USB as “normal host USB” and “flashing USB” multiplexing? Thank you!

在orin devkit上,我通过usb typeA 转usb typeC 转接线,将鼠标接入J40 usb口(Type-C next to 40pin header), 发现鼠标灯不亮。
在我们的载板上,我们想复用J40 usb口(pinmux如下图)。当处于Force Recovery Mode时,作为烧录口;非Force Recovery Mode时,作为normal host usb,用于连接usb设备,比如usb鼠标。请问是否可以这样使用J40 usb口,谢谢!

Orin devkit has a known issue in the pinmux if you use a04 module. There is a discussion here.

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